The Human Resources department strives to fulfill the mission statement and motto of Nuview Union School District. It is our commitment and goal to recruit, train, and retain highly motivated and skilled employees in order to provide the highest level of education possible in order to provide all students the "21st century skills" required to become successful, educated citizens.
NUSD Mission Statement:
The Nuview Union School District is committed to creating the learning opportunities necessary to cultivate character in our students and provide creative, caring and contributing members to society.  We empower all students with skills, knowledge, and values, in an environment that is positive for the student, educators, and the community.
"Our Mandate is Excellence"
John Huber, Assistant Superintendent
(951) 928-0066, ext. 1704
Cynthia Rodriguez, Confidential Secretary
(951) 928-0066, ext. 1703
Lani Lee, Health and Welfare Benefits Technician
(951) 928-0066, ext. 1702
Lupe Lopez, Receptionist/AESOP
(951) 928-0066, ext. 1701